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November 27, 2007
Sure Could Use a Little Good News...
If you allow the media to dictate your mood each day, chances are you haven't been a real happy camper lately. From newspapers to the nightly news, internet websites to the over-the-fence conversations with your neighbor, the concensus it that it's ugly out there. Are we headed for a recession? Only time will tell. Before we all start marching around with "The End Is Near!" signs, let's take a look at how rough we've really got it.

Did you go to bed hungry last night? If not, you were better off than the 850 million people who did.

16,000 children die every day (one every five seconds) from hunger-related causes

Is your income better than $1/day? Congratulations, you earn more than 1.2 billion workers worldwide.

If you've made it to the age of 40, you've exceeded the life expectancy of six African countries.

37% of American men and 42% of American women are classified as obese. (gives a whole new meaning to "fat and happy", doesn't it?)

A friend of mine recently returned from a mission to South America. He said the poverty is unbelievable, but the overwhelming majority of the people are happy, because they don't know they don't have anything. They don't know what the internet is, they don't have televisions or cellphones, and yet they are still content. Amazing, huh?

Tonight I'll have dinner with my wife and children, play a few board games in front of the fireplace with them, and maybe take in a TV show on the high-definition bigscreen. Heck, I might even go out to the hot tub for a soak. I'll check my e-mail right before bedtime, and cozy up in my warm bed with a good book until I drift peacefully off to sleep. I reckon you'll do something similar at your house. Despite what the media says, maybe we don't have it so bad after all...

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