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May 27, 2008
Walking the Walk
My family and I traveled to Missoula, MT over the Memorial Day weekend. The five of us fit quite comfortably into our 8-passenger Suburban for the 3-hour drive eastward, with two mountain passes between us and our destination.

I can't say whether we started out with a full tank of gas on Friday or not. The gas pumps automatically shut off at $75, and the Suburban was still guzzling at that point. As we left Missoula yesterday, we dumped another $70 worth of gas on top of the 1/3 tank we still had.

Some would say we are playing right into the hands of Big Oil. However, this trip was only the second time in 2008 we've left town for a weekend. In any given year, we are typically out of town for probably 20-25 weekends. So based on our past habits, our driving is down significantly.

We have also started combining trips. Rather than running to Staples every time I run out of ink cartridges, I ask my wife to pick some up when she's grocery shopping in the same general area. Rather than making 3-4 trips a week to the grocery store, we're shopping once a week and buying more in bulk.

According to the Federal Highway Administration, Americans drove 11 billions miles less in March 2008 than they did in March 2007. That's a drop of about 4.3%. This doesn't seem to bother Big Oil, as gas prices are up roughly $.75/gallon over the last three months. People still need to commute to work. People are still going to go on vacation.

What about you? Are you retired and living on a fixed income? Or are rising prices just a nuisance that you'd rather not see, but have no problem accommodating with your current income? I'd love to get your feedback - just e-mail me at and let me know what, if any, changes you've made in your daily routine.

If you currently receive payments on a real estate note, give us a call to discuss selling your note and getting cash now. Do you realize that the payment you receive today only buys half as much gasoline as it did four years ago? (yep, gas prices have doubled since 2004) How much gasoline will your monthly payment buy in 2012 if that trend continues? Wouldn't you rather put that money to work for you today?

With inflation on the rise and home prices heading the opposite direction, many are finding themselves in a cash crunch. We can solve that problem, too. Call us today to learn how to turn your note into cash so you've got it when you need it. And regarding all that talk on our home page about being professional, proactive, etc., when dealing with you...yeah, we walk the walk there, too.

Make it a great day.


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