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May 05, 2008
In It For the Long Haul?
Owner financing is done for a lot of different reasons. Some sellers like the promise of receiving that monthly payment - it makes for steady cashflow. Others do it because their buyer is a friend or relative, and the seller is happy to offer more attractive terms than a local bank or mortgage company. Often, sellers agree to finance the purchase in the hopes that once the buyers can build some equity into the property and improve their credit a bit, they will refinance and pay off the seller in full.

As the most recent article on the website attests, refinancing is becoming more and more difficult to do. Most homeowners simply don't have enough equity to appease lenders who have lost billions in the subprime debacle. If your buyer can't get refinanced, are you prepared to wait 10, 20, even 30 years for them to pay off your note in full?

You do have options, of course. That's why companies like ours exist. You don't have to wait until the maturity of your note to receive the last dollar owed to you. Whether you choose to sell your entire note, or just a set number of payments (called a partial purchase), we can get you the cash you need if your buyers' refinance never comes through.

With gas and food prices far exceeding the rate of inflation, the payment you get each month buys less and less. It may be time to start considering how you could put a lump-sum cash payout to work for you. Give us a call - if nothing else, you'll know how much your note is worth if you decide you don't want to be in the payment-collecting business for the long haul.


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