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June 15, 2012
Turn the Page
A few hours from now we will point our Suburban westward and head to the other side of Washington state. Tomorrow, we will celebrate my nephew's graduation from high school. Wow.

Granted, millions of students will graduate from high schools around the country this month. But this is my sister's first child, my parent's first grandchild, and obviously my first nephew. The little guy I used to toss around, and who was not even a year old at our wedding, is now headed to college.

I can't tell you where those 18 years went, but they went by FAST. My nephew Ethan has grown to become a talented, respectful, and introspective young man with an extraordinarily kind heart. We are all proud of the things he's done and anticipate the great things yet to come.

I titled this blog after a Bob Seger song; in it, he details the monotony of life on the road as a singer. He gives every ounce of energy into each performance, but hates the other 22 hours of the day...the driving from town to town, the hotel rooms, the small-town attitudes, etc.

My nephew is ready to turn the page; he will be attending Western Washington University in the fall. My hope for him is that he will continue to give every ounce of his energy into his performance, and that he does so every waking hour. In fact, maybe this blog should serve as a wake-up call to anyone who isn't giving 110% to everything they do each day.

In three years, my own oldest son will graduate from high school. My other kids won't be far behind. The next generation will soon be getting married, having their own kids, building their own legacies.

So what say you? Time is rushing by. Are you giving every ounce of energy in order to perform the best you can? Think about the milestones in your own life - do they come and go much more quickly than you anticipated? Life happens whether we're ready or not. Turn the page.

Make it a great weekend,


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