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April 26, 2012
According to today's story on CNN Money, only about half of Americans actually pay federal income tax. I can only assume that close to 100% of the people bitching about the rich paying their 'fair share' fall into this category. So I ask you: Shouldn't EVERYONE have to pay their 'fair share'?

I paid (in my opinion) a ridiculous amount in taxes last year. Yet, when it came time to file, I still owed Uncle Sam and his minions at the IRS. Many would say mine is a problem they'd like to have, but when you're paying NOTHING in taxes, do you really want to start having to pay SOMETHING?

I guess I'm still in shock from the beating my checkbook balance took when I cut that check on April 17th. I would just like someone in the 50% of non-payers who believes I need to pay my 'fair share' justify how their 'fair share' equals zero. Do they drive on different roads than I do? Are they protected by their own private army, not relying on national defense? Do they all homeschool their kids, therefore not putting a burden on the public school system?

I've said it before - 'fair' is IMPOSSIBLE to define, as it is completely and totally subjective. My next sentence is directed at any of those 50% who want to pick my pockets to make sure I pay my 'fair share': How about we just give you a proportional amount of federal services based on what you contribute to the national tax base? Seems 'fair' to me.

Make it a great week.


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