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October 14, 2011
Caught Up In the Hype
Hey, I'm no 'early adopter', 'fanboy', or Apple devotee - let's just get that out upfront. I am, however, savvy to technology that will allow me to be more efficient with my job and life in general. It just so happens that my contract with my previous cell phone carrier expired just before Apple unveiled its newest version of their popular mobile phone.

So, like at least a million others around the country, I pre-ordered my new iPhone 4s and am expecting delivery sometime this afternoon. Aside from all the really cool extras it provides (many of which I already have access to via my iPad, iMac, or iTouch (OK, maybe I am an Apple devotee)), I look forward to taking the Siri feature for a test drive.

Siri is essentially a personal assistant that allows an iPhone user to find nearby restaurants, set up meetings, send texts with simple verbal commands, and which has a variety of other productivity enhancers. I will be able to have Siri read my texts to me if I'm driving, rather than glancing at the phone and risking an accident. I will also be able to transcribe texts verbally, another important safety feature when driving or doing some other task that requires my attention.

I will also be replacing my point-and-shoot camera with this phone. With an 8 mega-pixel camera, the phone's picture quality will surpass my old Casio's. It will also encourage me to take more pictures, as carrying around another piece of equipment (my old camera) was enough of a deterrent that I would simply leave it at home most of the time.

Most importantly, I want a phone that improves my productivity. I want to be able to meet a friend for lunch and still have access to all my emails for review out of the office if need be. Yes, the Blackberry does this also, but often the emails were too large (especially if they had attachments) and I wouldn't be able to access them until I returned to my office computer.

Being somewhat disorganized with life events not related to work, there are times when the little things are overlooked. In other words, I'll remember someone's birthday ON their birthday, leaving me no time to get a gift. I will certainly utilize Siri's ability to verbalize any reminders I give it.

So yes, I'm excited. When I replaced my 6-year-old computer last winter, I was absolutely amazed at the advances in technology and the subsequent advances in my productivity. I expect a similar jump in productivity once I have the new iPhone.

I will write a future blog on whether my expectations are met, exceeded, or if the phone falls short. I am hopeful, once I've gotten the hang of it, the iPhone will prove that new technology should not only be utilized, but embraced. After all, a more productive society can only help our country right now.

Make it a great week,


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