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July 07, 2011
Too Busy To Blog?
Considering the myriad of things I do to keep my kids in new shoes, it's naturally a whirlwind around my office most of the time. That said, I've been extremely busy the last few months. When I get busy, I tend to put aside the things that got me busy in the first place, the most important among them being marketing.

A guy I once worked for told me the only thing worse than being really busy was not being busy at all. That, my friends, is a statement I hope you never forget. The challenge is keeping that momentum when the 'here and now' takes precedence over the 'pipeline for tomorrow'.

Here's what I mean by that: I always want enough deals in my pipeline, in various stages of the process, to ensure a steady stream of income to the business. When I get a whole bunch of deals at one time, I tend to focus solely on them, and the pipeline suffers for it. Think of it as an assembly line; if you spend too much time on one unit of the product, the rest start to stack up behind it and eventually the line has to be shut down as you try to catch back up. It's when that line stops that potential productivity is also shut down.

So, that's my long explanation for why I've been incommunicado for a couple weeks. Today I forced myself to get up early and knock out as much work as possible, leaving the last hour of the day to post something to the blog.

So...the lesson I hope you can take from this, as it is the one I'm taking; it's nice to always have lots to do, and lots of different sources of revenue, but don't ever lose sight of the big picture. That is, stay busy and keep busy, always having a new stream of work on the horizon, regardless of your line of business.

As anyone who has ever watched an assembly line worker have to shut down the line in order to catch up, 100% productivity can only be reached when the line is moving, spitting out more and more product. Stay busy, stay productive, and stay successful!

Make it a great week.


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