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January 28, 2008
Looking for Stability in a Sea of Change
If you're a 'market-watcher' like me, you can understand the comparison of a big sell-off to a traffic accident: You know it's going to be bad, but you just can't help sneaking a peek when your eyes should be on the road ahead.

Before the days of the internet, we relied on newspapers to tell us what was happening in the world. If a stock dropped 20% in a day, we didn't know until it was too late to do anything about it. Now, with real-time stock quotes, we can see our portfolio rising (or falling) as it happens. It's a blessing when times are good, a curse when they're not.

Last week, a stock in which I have a fairly large position dropped substantially. Instinct told me to sell before the losses grew bigger, but I stubbornly refused. The 'glass half-full' side of me is convinced the stock will come back eventually. The company has always reported strong earnings, has good management, and I'm an end user of their products. Even though I could have (and probably should have) minimized my losses, time is on my side and I'm willing to wait it out. Reading through the message boards, however, I found instances of people bailing out and losing tens of thousands in a matter of weeks, unable to withstand further losses and the possibility of continued downward movement of the stock.

I can't say whether I'm right or they're wrong in our actions. The point is, everyone has their own approach to investing. Some fly high and love the thrill of potentially huge gains or monumental losses. Others get in when times are good and get out during a downturn, seeking to conserve what they already have rather than risk losing it all.

If you hold a real estate mortgage note, you may also be wondering if it's time to sell. The real estate forecast calls for more stormclouds ahead - rising foreclosure rates and declining values have already forced the government to intervene with interest rate cuts and economic stimulus plans. Many noteholders have decided they no longer want their cash tied up, waiting years to collect their payments one month at a time. That's where we can help, either by offering to purchase their entire note for a lump-sum cash payment, or by buying a stream of payments, where the note reverts back to them at a pre-determined point in the future.

If all the 'noise' in the marketplace has you seriously thinking it's time to cash out your note, give us a call. If nothing else, we can give you some options, and an idea of what your note is worth. Maybe you've decided that having cash at-hand is a good idea considering the direction market forces are pushing right now. Whatever your needs, we're happy to discuss how we can help satisfy them. After all, everyone's road to financial freedom is different - we just want to be sure you reach your destination.


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