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May 19, 2011
Just Rub Some Dirt On It
I'm a pretty active guy. In celebration (mourning?) of my 40th year of life, I resolved to run a marathon. Last Saturday, I accomplished that goal. In the six months leading up to that run, I logged over 400 miles (and wore out two pairs of running shoes) on the trails and streets of Liberty Lake.

When I'm not running, I ride mountain bikes with my buddies, or road bikes if there's still snow in the mountains. In the summertime, hiking, kayaking, and rafting are all big parts of most every weekend.

With all this activity, the inevitable injuries happen. Last Saturday, my quadriceps in both legs cramped and spasmed so badly that my running was unstable and I was forced to walk for part of the marathon. Last night, I took a fall off the back of my mountain bike and sustained a rather nasty scrape & contusion on my...ahem...gluteus maximus.

Of course, the tough-guy approach would be to rub some dirt on those wounds and get back in the game. Well, I'm not a big fan of getting dirty, so instead I just gritted my teeth and endured through the pain. Yes, I am aware that most 40-something guys have long since turned to golf and other less injury-prone activities. Sorry, but in my mind I'm still the 18-year-old adrenaline junky I once was.

As I sat here nursing my backside this morning, I read some interesting articles about some signs of a real estate recovery. Over the past five years, we've been 'threatened' with recovery more times than I can count, only to see a different cog in the economy break each time. Without jobs, people can't buy houses. Without people buying houses, there can be no real estate recovery. They're all related.

For five years, we've been letting this injured economy bleed itself out, but there seems to be an unending supply of blood. Maybe it's time to 'rub a little dirt on it', both figuratively and literally. Maybe now is the time for you to take some of your IRA money and invest in a rental house. Or maybe that money is tied up in a real estate note you hold - call us and see what kinds of options we can provide to allow you to free up that cash and chase an even higher return on your investment dollar.

One of our primary goals over the last couple years has been to acquire land lots (aka 'dirt') around the country at rock-bottom prices and hold onto them until demand for building lots recovers. That's how we are dealing with this injured economy; by buying dirt (hence the title of this week's blog). How are you taking advantage of the opportunities out there?

Make it a great week.


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