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May 09, 2011
Did You Actually Pay For THAT???
After a lovely lunch with my family for Mother's Day, we were waiting at a stoplight and noticed a local RV dealer was having a big parking lot sale. We couldn't help but see the enormous banner the RV company had designed for the sale, as it stretched for probably 100 feet along the intersection. Behind it were some boats and RVs, and the banner read:

"Your'e wife called and said it was OK!"

Do you see anything wrong with the statement above, other than the fact that it was a lie and that my wife had not in fact called to say it was OK for me to buy a boat, camper, etc.? Not only was the error obvious to me, but to my wife and children as well.

If the correct usage of the word "your" would have been used, there would have been no need for the apostrophe OR the 'e'. Even if the word "you're" was what they were looking for, the apostrophe was in the wrong spot! How in the world does this error go from the design, layout, review, printer, to the client, and STILL get put up for the entire world to see, laugh at, and write about in Monday morning blogs? That, my friends, is what we call an EPIC FAIL.

Another failure and source of hilarity at many a party since then was a sale sign I found (and took a picture of) in our local Wal-Mart last year. The price, in big numbers, was "$2.50" - in smaller numbers just above it; "WAS: $2.28". Wow, what a bargain! You mean I get the privilege of paying $.22 more now than I would have had I been there earlier? That'll keep me comin' back over and over again!

From street painters misspelling school as "SHCOOL" (yes, really), to strip mall signs offering "DONUTS", "GUNS", and "CHILDCARE", the lack of marketing acumen is stunning. Take a look around the next time you're (your'e?) out and about - what do you see?

Make it a great week,


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