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March 09, 2011
Halfway There
Last Saturday morning I awoke to dumping rain. As I stood at the window of my hotel room and stared at the gray, damp mess outside, my dread was fully realized: I've never run 13.1 miles in perfect conditions, let alone in bad ones like these...

For reasons still not completely defined in my own mind, I decided this was the year I would train for and run a marathon. The target date is May 14, 2011, when the Windermere Marathon will take place here in Spokane. Since my training schedule called for a long run of 12-14 miles last weekend, I decided a half marathon was a perfect fit for that.

The Snake River Canyon 1/2 Marathon takes place about 12 miles southwest of Pullman, WA (90 minutes south of Spokane) along the (shockingly enough) Snake River. The scenery is beautiful, and the course is about as flat as it gets in these parts. As I picked up my running partner (who also happens to be my friend and next-door neighbor) at his hotel, the rain had stopped. By the time we neared the course starting line, the clouds were breaking up and blue sky was poking through in several places.

The run itself was highlighted by perfect temperatures, dry pavement, a slight breeze, and good organization. Although my only goal was to finish, I was able to keep my pace under 10-minute miles (9:50, to be exact), which is somewhat of an accomplishment for someone whose previous longest run was ten miles. Although stiff and sore for the next day and a half, the run re-energized me for the next challenge - the actual marathon.

Does my run this past weekend have a lesson that can be applied to business? Probably. I remember my eighth grade math teacher using the following theory: He asked us if we would agree that every distance had a halfway point. We agreed that it did. He said if that was the case, it was impossible for us to walk from across the room and through the door, considering there was a halfway point from wherever we were to the door.

Of course, the theory was disputed when one of my classmates simply walked through the door. Nonetheless, I think if we simply see each accomplishment, milestone, plateau, etc. that we reach as only being "halfway there", we'll never lose the hunger to be even better in our quest to fulfill our goals.

After all, my physical fitness will still be an important part of my well-being the day, the week, the month, and years after my marathon. With that in mind, I'm quite content at only being halfway there.

Make it a great week.


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