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January 26, 2011
Sweet, Sweet Technology
The problems started a couple years ago. Various error messages popping up on my computer screen: I didn't know what they meant and tried the ol' "if I ignore them long enough maybe they'll go away" approach. Not only did they NOT go away, they became more numerous and more ominous.

A couple months ago, I had a computer geek buddy of mine diagnose the computer. He threw in some more memory, wiped a bunch of stuff I didn't use anymore, and for a little while my computer seemed to run OK. Then about two weeks ago, armageddon found my hard drive.

I would be right in the middle of an e-mail, or revising a spreadsheet, when my computer would simply crash, then reboot. No loose wires I kicked under the desk, no wrong button pushed, just a big, ugly CRASH. Soon I found myself saving documents after every push of a button, praying I wouldn't lose anything when the next crash came.

Last Friday I broke down and replaced my 6-year-old workhorse dinosaur of a computer with a brand-spankin' new one. This new computer has a 23-inch Hi-Def monitor & more bells & whistles than I'll ever use for business purposes. AND I paid less for it than the one I bought six years ago.

I also purchased a new all-in-one printer/scanner/fax/copier/pancake flipper to go along with the new computer. Oh, and I also replaced the DSL internet service I've had for the last eight years with a new company with speeds six times faster. Three working days into my new system, I look back and laugh at how long I tolerated all those things that chewed into my daily productivity; a DSL modem I had to reset no less than five times a day, a computer that crashed on a whim, and a printer whose printheads were a constant source of consternation and constipation.

I've put my new system through the tests in the past three days, and it has passed with flying colors. I can now spend 100% of my time focusing on the things that put food on the table, rather than the things that were taking food OFF my table for so long.

Yeah, my office is a mess right now. Computer boxes, old keyboards and mice (at least none of the living kind...yet), and my discarded pieces of hardware lie scattered about. This weekend they will all be gone, and with luck I'll have put the final touches on this office makeover.

Of course, the whole purpose of the makeover is to regain all that lost productivity, yet here I am babbling on and on about it. Time to wrap up this blog and get back to work. If you find yourself fighting with the equipment that is supposed to make your life easier, consider an office makeover. Trust me, it was the best $1,000 I ever spent.

Make it a great week,


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