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November 01, 2010
Public Disservice
Alright, I’ve had a few days to let my anger subside to a point I can write coherently on the fallacy of public service. Had I started this blog last Tuesday, every other word would have contained four letters or, for my more sensitive readers, many symbols like @, #, $, and *.

A few weeks back I mailed out five Assignments of Mortgage to their respective counties’ recorders offices. I did this only after personally contacting each office and getting detailed information on recording fees, mailing addresses, whether I needed to include a self-addressed stamped envelope, etc.

Last Tuesday, I found three of the five return envelopes in my PO Box. “Great!”, I thought to myself…"only two more to get back." Once I opened the envelopes however, all I could see was red. Every one of the assignments had been returned with some kind of problem…EVERY ONE!

The Hamilton County, Ohio (oh, you better believe I’m going to name names!) recorder’s office didn’t like the font size of the legal description…REJECTED!

The Indian River County, Florida recorder’s office informed me the recording fee only included the first four names that required indexing. (I don’t even know what that means.) They informed me there were FIVE names that needed to be indexed, so my check was $1.00 short. Yes, seriously…they wasted all that time and effort (I guarantee it cost us taxpayers more to pay the employee for the time it took him or her to point this out than to just say “close enough” and record the stupid document. Nope…I was a dollar short (probably a day late, too) and…REJECTED! (By the way, I counted TWO names to be indexed…the assignor and the assignee – where did the number FIVE come from? Wait…silly me, trying to make sense of the way government thinks…)

The Luzerne County, Pennsylvania recorder’s office was the worst. In fact, I joked to my business partner if I lived in Luzerne County, I’d “go all county recorder” on them, a reference to “going postal”. (Hmm…another government agency that drives people insane…what a coincidence.) Not only was my check $5.00 short (I didn’t include the “service fee” – I think that was a typo and they forgot the “DIS” in front of “service”), but I also failed to FIRST send the Assignment to the Assessor’s Office so they could “CERTIFY” the parcel number before recording. Are you kidding me??? They can’t do that at the recorder’s office? UNBELIEVABLE!!! Oh, and since the Assessor’s Office has to work so hard to “CERTIFY” the parcel number, I had to cut ANOTHER check to them for an additional $10.00! $62.00 total to record an Assignment of Mortgage…our tax dollars hard at work, ladies and gentlemen! You guessed it…REJECTED!!!

THIS SAME GOVERNMENT who allows its employees to spend more time justifying their phony baloney jobs (to borrow a phrase from Blazing Saddles) than actually doing them is THE SAME GOVERNMENT you are now allowing to control your health care and God knows what else before the current administration is voted out. Just imagine – you submit a pre-approval request for a life-saving surgery, and it’s REJECTED because you didn’t use 10-point font. DON’T LAUGH, PEOPLE!!! This is exactly what Hamilton County did.

OR…you submit a claim and it’s denied because you didn’t include your doctor’s address on the form. Yep…that’s just one more thing Luzerne County, Pennsylvania used as reasoning to REJECT my Assignment. I feel it only fitting to remind my readers that I PERSONALLY CONTACTED EVERY SINGLE RECORDER’S OFFICE TO ENSURE I SENT THE RIGHT AMOUNTS, DOCUMENTS, ETC. before I ever mailed anything to them.

The government cannot even remotely duplicate the efficiency of the private sector. If you believe it can, then you’ve been drinking their Kool-Aid far too long. This health care overhaul is going to be the biggest red-tape fiasco of all-time. If you think I’m exaggerating, try sending something in to your county’s recorder’s office and let me know how it goes.

Make it a great week.


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