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August 09, 2010
Godspeed, My Friend
My long weekend was just beginning, and I was in Glacier National Park, my favorite place on earth. My family was excited, I was excited, and we had a full schedule of outdoor activities planned. Nothing could damper my spirits, until I got a text message informing me my close friend Lynn Horne had died earlier that day.

Lynn Horne was the kind of guy you just wanted to be around. He had a spark, a certain air about him that was infectious. No matter how bad my day was going, Lynn could always get me laughing.

I met Lynn in November of 1998. We worked together for a company called Colonial Financial, and he was my boss. When the company asked me to move to Dallas, TX, Lynn and his wife Ka personally drove my wife and I around the DFW metroplex to acquaint us with the different communities. I will never forget the kindness they showed us, or how they made us feel welcome moving to a place where we knew absolutely nobody.

As we parted ways and worked for different companies, our friendship never faltered. We regularly met for lunch, and kept each other up to date on how our families were doing, etc. Lynn's family meant the world to him - his love for Ka and his sons Jeff and Shea was apparent in every conversation we ever had. As the years passed, Lynn became a grandfather, and he was so proud of that fact.

In recent years, Lynn and I formed a business relationship that allowed us to converse several times a week. When I would return to Dallas on business, we always made an effort to get together for lunch or a game of golf; as friends first, business associates second. That's just the way it was with most people Lynn knew - he was a friend first.

I lost a lot of sleep this past weekend. I pray Ka finds comfort. I pray Lynn's sons can help her through this difficult time. I hope anyone reading this never takes their loved ones for granted. Never go to bed angry with anyone you love - they might not be there to apologize to in the morning.

More than anything, Lynn showed me how to treat people. He taught me that whether or not you agree with someone doesn't make them any less deserving of your respect - I will never forget that.

So long, my friend. You left us much too soon, but I know you've got the angels laughing with you up there, and I know I will see you again.

Make it a great week.


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