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June 07, 2010
Talk To Me, People!
Many readers of this blog also subscribe to the NoteWorthy Newsletter. If you're one of them, you learned today (or if your mail service is a little slow, this is the first you've heard of it) that the June issue was my last as Editor. The reasons for my departure are both simple and complicated, and are not the point of this blog in any case. Rather, this is a very informal survey to those who enjoy reading what I put out there for you.

Writing is my passion. It is the one thing I do that doesn't feel like work. I also bring 17 years of industry experience to the table. Whether that makes me an expert on a variety of subjects is, ultimately, up to my readers to decide. So my question is this - what do you want to know?

I have been throwing around some ideas of my own, which will allow me to continue writing for an audience who wants to continue reading. Are you interested in a more interactive industry-wide website? Do you want to learn more about the nuts and bolts of the industry? Tell me - I'm all ears.

I appreciate all my "crossover" readers, who have been exposed to more of my personal insights on life through this blog than they ever were through my editorials in NoteWorthy. This blog will continue as always - after all, I need somewhere to vent every Monday. Additionally, I think this industry is ready for something far more than it's ever been provided before.

So I humbly request your input. Drop me a line at Tell me what would help you learn, whether you are a note holder, a note broker, a Realtor, an investor, or someone who just wants to know more about the real estate industry.

Keep in mind we are not just restricted to seller financed notes: We know REO (real esate owned), asset management, non-performing notes (including conventionally originated loans), alternative cash flows, litigation and foreclosure, short sales, modifications, real estate investing, rehabbing, etc. You name it - even if Matt and I aren't "Proficient" on the subject, I guarantee we know someone who is.

Talk to me - let me know what you think. Write me at

Make it a great week.


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