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January 07, 2008
Recovering From the Holiday Hangover
January always seems like a letdown of sorts for me. The latter part of November and all of December are spent seeing family we haven't seen in months (or years), eating inordinate amounts of food, and taking in a veritable orgy of football games. Come January, we're forced to settle back into our routines and make friends with the treadmill to work off all those extra calories we consumed.

January also signals it's time to pay the piper for all the presents we bought. Credit card bills start arriving in the mail, seemingly on a daily basis. It didn't seem like much when we were making one purchase at a time, but once they are all added up...WOW! If you traveled over the holidays, that airfare or the extra tanks of gas you purchased only make the debt that more shocking.

With all that good news (sponsored by Capital One Visa) comes the nagging reminder that tax season is right around the corner. Are you one of the lucky ones who get a refund each year or does Uncle Sam get a bonus check from you come April 15th?

If you find yourself cash-strapped over the next few months, give us a call. As you will discover elsewhere on the website, we can offer options to purchase all or just a part of your note, depending on your cash needs. With a fresh infusion of cash, January just might end up being your favorite month of 2008!


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