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March 22, 2010
Government: How Much Is Too Much?
In 2008 I spent over $20,000 on health care. Between premiums, deductibles, and co-pays for my family, my out-of-pocket was north of $20,000. In 2009, my out-of-pocket was closer to $12,000. As a self-employed individual, health care is ridiculously expensive. As such, I should be one of the first in line to demand health care reform, no?

Yes, reform is needed. There is not a question in my mind about it. According to a recent news story on CNN (it may have been on a different news station, so don't hold me to that!), insurance companies don't even look at a bill less than $100,000. Essentially, a hospital (or any other provider, for that matter) can bill whatever they want and it will likely be reimbursed by the insurance companies. And why not? If the insurance company isn't pulling in the profits they expect, they just jack up your premiums some more.

Nationally, family premiums for employer-sponsored health insurance increased 119 percent between 1999 and 2008, and could increase another 94 percent to an average $23,842 per family by 2020 if cost growth continues on its current course, according to a new Commonwealth Fund report.

Hmm...I'm no rocket scientist, but I don't think inflation kept pace with the rate of premium increases over those 10 years. Regardless, does anyone really think the government is going to make our health care system more efficient? No, really - that was a hypothetical question. That's like me asking if prisoners should be allowed to self-police the prison.

All this hullabaloo (fun word to write, even funner to say) about health care reform is really just window dressing to the real issue here: CONTROL. Obama and his minions seek to control as many aspects of our lives as possible. Once they've convinced us that we cannot survive nor prosper without them, they are assured of a lifetime in public office to "help" (read: enable) us as we lean on them for everything we need.

Ask yourself this: Why do Democrats overwhelmingly get the low-income vote? Is it because these voters share the Democratic ideals of taking care of others, or because they themselves want and need to be taken care of? Are these not the same people who are happy to get a bigger piece of the pie, even though they've had no hand in making the pie?

Republicans have done themselves no favors by playing the game of politics right along with the Democrats. Come election day in November, I sincerely hope and pray there isn't ONE single incumbant in the House of Representatives. NOT ONE. 435 brand spanking new Representatives who are there as (crazy concept here) REPRESENTATIVES of their contituents, not pawns in Obama's game to control the populace and redistribute its wealth.

Yeah, I spend a lot of money on health care. I GUARANTEE I will spend no less with Obama's WonderCare. In fact, I GUARANTEE between my premiums and higher taxes, I will spend FAR MORE under the reform plan. The health care industry brought this upon themselves, just as the mortgage and real estate industries did in the mid-2000s. A lack of ethics, a lack of accountability, and a undying thirst for obscene profits did them in. Install leaders with a foundation of fair play, ethics, accountability, and trustworthiness, and I guarantee the results will be far more successful than this government-controlled boondoggle will turn out to be.

The answer is NOT government control. Does anyone really think the government is any LESS corrupt than the insurance companies, hospitals, etc., that created this problem? If your answer is yes, would you like to buy some of my oceanfront property in Arizona?

Make it a great week,


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