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January 25, 2010
Back In the Saddle
I don't recall if I mentioned the fact I blew out my back in early December. Regardless if I did or didn't, suffice it to say the last seven weeks have been extraordinarily painful. For the first couple weeks, I couldn't even sit at my desk; instead, I was forced to work flat on my back or stomach.

The recovery has been slow - slower, in fact, than even my doctor speculated. (his timeline was 4-6 weeks - it's been 7 and my rebound still isn't complete) I have undergone several physical therapy sessions, visited my primary physician, and have also seen a specialist. Throughout it all, I winced at every co-pay, every dollar that had yet to be applied against my annual deductible, every penny of out-of-pocket costs, even though I knew it was all for my own good.

There were mornings I could hardly move, let alone get out of bed. Sometimes the pain was so intense I needed my wife to help me with putting my socks on, tieing my shoelaces, and getting in and out of the car. Embarrassing, humbling, ego-killing...all those words applied to my situation.

Little by little, I started healing. I started taking walks again, sometimes needing every bit of assistance from my trekking poles to take the pressure off my back. There were days I could walk two miles, there were days I couldn't walk two blocks.

Last Thursday, I had cortisone injected into my back. The effects of this take a few days, but I think it's safe to say it's working. Friday I was able to take a bike ride with my son around the little town we live in. Four miles - normally less than one of my typical jogs when I'm healthy, but it felt like I had finished the Tour de France. Sunday I got even bolder, and rode nine miles with minimal pain. Man, it felt good to be back in the saddle, in more ways than one.

About two years ago, I had a different injury when I hit a tree while skiing. I wrote about it in this blog, and compared my subsequent recovery to what I hoped would happen with the U.S. economy. Frankly, I didn't expect our economy to still be flagging a full two years after that entry. Nonetheless, time really does heal all wounds.

What are you struggling with? Health issues? Family matters? Financial shortfalls? I probably can't help with the first two, but if you are having financial difficulties, and are considering selling your real estate note to remedy your situation, call us. In a matter of a few short weeks, it's likely we can get you the cash needed to fix whatever financial straits you're in.

Let us be the cortisone shot in your financial backbone that alleviates the pressure and gets you back in the saddle. Give us a call - we're here to help.

Make it a great week.


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