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December 21, 2009
Happy Holidays? Not For This Guy!
A close friend of mine was chided last week for saying "Merry Christmas" to one of his customers. "I prefer Happy Holidays", the customer snidely responded.

At the risk of ticking off my readers and some potential customers, may I be the first to say that I don't give a rat's backside if you are offended by Merry Christmas. Take your too-sensitive sensibilities and bother someone else with your arcane ideologies.

I'm sure anyone who wants to take Christ out of Christmas already knows that many of our current Christmas traditions are historically secular. If they didn't know this, then I'm sure they at least refuse to take Christmas Day off, right? No? Hmm...why reap all the benefits of the holiday if you oppose it so much?

Anyway, that's not the real reason for writing this week's blog. I can tie it in, of course, but it is secondary to this:

Friday night, my beloved Montana Grizzlies played for the FCS national championship in Chattanooga, TN against the Villanova Wildcats...and lost. Saturday afternoon, our local Gonzaga Bulldogs traveled to Madison Square Garden in NYC to tip off against the Duke Blue Devils...and lost. Sunday, my favorite NFL team, the Denver Broncos, played against the lowly Oakland Raiders...and lost. Sunday night, I needed the Minnesota Vikings' defense and their kicker to play well to win my fantasy football game and...(like you didn't see this coming) they lost, and I lost.

Sunday night I was the last guy you wanted to hang around with. My kids recognized it early and headed to the basement to watch TV sans Dad. My wife just laughed at me and said how ridiculous a full-grown man looked pouting about sports. Of course, like so many times before, she was right.

This week, I'll get a little work done, finish up a little shopping, and head to Missoula, Montana for Christmas. While there, I will spend five or six days with my parents, my sister and her family, and my family. We will play games, exchange presents, sing, laugh, ski, skate, sled, and forget about 'real life' for a few days. I'm guessing most of you will do something similar. Meanwhile, hundreds of millions of people worldwide will be just as hungry on December 25th as they were on the 24th, and will be on the 26th. They won't exchange gifts, they won't eat turkey or prime rib - they may not eat anything at all. And here I'm whining about the outcome of a few games???

Despite all the presents, the food, the merrymaking, etc. of this week, my wife and I will continue to plant the seeds of what Christmas is really about to our kids. We don't celebrate Christmas so the retailers can "hit their numbers". We do this to celebrate Christ our Savior's birth. That's the message we constantly reinforce with our children. If you can't come to grips with that or worse, take offense to it, then you probably don't want to bump into me at the mall this week.

As for me, I'll be offering up "MERRY CHRISTMAS!" to everyone I see this week. No offense...

Make it a blessed week.


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