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February 23, 2009
Complicated Meets Simplicity
I speak with friends about the state of the economy on pretty much a daily basis. People losing jobs, cutting back on spending, watching their retirement accounts fall to previously unseen levels, etc. Most of them know the mortgage mess started this regressing economy, but their understanding of the reasons why is still a bit hazy.

A young man by the name of Jonathan Jarvis created a roughly five minute video to explain, in very simplistic terms, what happened to get the snowball rolling. Here is the website - just cut and paste it into your browers:

By helping everyone understand what happened, I think Mr. Jarvis is helping ensure things like our current crisis won't be repeated. After all, the internet is the tool that disseminates information unlike any other medium in history. To shed a little more light on that statement, check out the video here:

Again, just cut and paste into your browser. The more the "average American" knows about who the puppermasters in this country are, the better the 'average American" can monitor their actions. I encourage everyone to learn all they can about the forces behind our economy, our financial markets, and our elected officials. No more will ignorance be bliss - we must hold everyone in charge of spending our money accountable for it. Arm yourself with information and be ready to battle for what is right the next time an election rolls around.

Make it a great day.


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