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February 03, 2009
Who's getting stimulated here?
Read any book on personal finances. Any one. One of the first things it will say, in order to get back your financial footing, is to pay off your credit card bills. It's a very logical, common-sense solution...if you're not paying someone else interest over a long period of time, you have more money for yourself in the here and now.

I've been very critical of politicians most of my life. I believe that few, if any, actually have the best interests of the nation in mind. Washington DC is a polluted cesspoll of self-interest and hypocricy. Now we get the proposed economic stimulus package that is going to jumpstart the economy and get us back on the road to prosperity. Right???

Wrong! All I see is a package full of 'pork'. I have posted a link to a write-up of some of the most ridiculous 'projects' on which this money will be spent. Just copy and paste this link into your browser. (But wait until after you read the whole blog!)

This is money being paid now from tax dollars that you will be paying THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. Not only your lifetime tax dollars, but the lifetime tax dollars of your children, grandchildren, etc. Since we, as a country, have never been able to balance a budget, what are the chances this debt will ever even stabilize, let alone be paid off?

Instead, we have a country who will be bound to trillions of dollars of, in essence, credit card debt. The same kind of debt that every personal finance book ever written warns against. More government spending in a time when money is as tight as it's ever been. How does it all get paid back? Why am I the only one asking that question?

I don't carry any credit card debt. Anything I put on the card is paid off in full when the bill comes. Despite the fact that I am fiscally responsible with my own money, the government is going to put a little over $800 bil on the ol' plastic and force me to co-sign. But hey, since when does a politician give a rat's backside about what I think? I only pay his salary!!! (well, me and several hundred lobbyists)

Thanks for putting up with my rant...I get that way sometimes.

Make it a great day.


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