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December 29, 2008
How Did I Do?
I went back a full year to a blog I wrote on January 2nd, 2008 to see if I had anything on Nostradamus. I may not be able to foresee the future, but I was pretty spot on.

The following was written shortly after I hit a tree while skiing, which resulted in several torn groin muscles and a new-found gratefulness for helmets:

2008 comment: "Since my doctor's orders were to rest my battered body, I've had lots of time to think these past several days. In one of my painkiller-induced brainstorming sessions, I surmised that my wreck was symbolic of the real estate and mortgage market crashes of 2007. They both caused a high degree of pain, and that pain continues on into 2008. Both affect people that weren't responsible for the wreck. (for the markets, this includes homeowners who are seeing their equity positions deteriorate as homes go to foreclosure and/or stay on the market for several months - for my wife and children, they have to cater to me since I can't move around very well right now) And finally, both will recover.

Will we see the markets recover in 2008?"

2009 reply - not only did the markets not recover in 2008, they plunged to levels not seen since the early 90's.

2008 comment: "Will I recover in 2008?"

2009 reply - I did, with no obvious effects. Unless you count, of course, an aversion to trees while speeding down the slopes.

2008 comment: "If you have a real estate note to sell, give us a call. Maybe cashing out will give you some peace of mind in the coming year. Whatever you decide, take my advice: Grab your could be a wild ride."

2009 reply - It has been an extremely wild ride, and the need for a helmet is even more amplified by the current market. However, we can STILL provide that peace of mind if you need to cash out your real estate note. Give us a call.

Make it a great YEAR.


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