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December 15, 2008
How Ya Doin'?
"How ya doin'?" I get that question a lot these days, and I ask that question a lot. Not in a cordial way, but in an economical/financial way. And so I'm posing the same question to you today.

How ya doin'? Have you taken a look at your 401K or IRA lately? Did you sell all your equities (stocks) positions before the market tanked? Or are you like most of us, hoping to ride out the storm with the hopes of blue skies on the other side?

Maybe the better question is "Why are you here?" On this website, reading this blog, I mean. If I've done my job properly, you're here because you hold a real estate note and are thinking about selling it. You found us through an onsite search engine or one of our marketing pieces referred you here.

Have you decided that holding your note to term isn't going to provide the financial relief you're seeking right now? Or are you concerned that the value of your note, like your IRA or 401K, is likely to go down even further in the months and years ahead? Regardless, we'd like to try and help you.

If your household is anything like mine, the expenditures at this time of year are mind-boggling. If you don't receive a gift from my wife this year, I'm convinced you're the only one in America who doesn't. In addition to (many) family and friends, there are also gifts for teachers, neighbors, hairstylists, etc., etc.

Are you feeling a little pinched for cash this year? Last time I checked, most companies were scaling way back on bonuses, raises, and most other expenses. A friend of mine works for the city of Spokane - she said there was no Christmas party this year for the first time ever. Non-essential expenditures are expressly forbidden. (Don't you wish this was always the case with government spending?)

I would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you if you are thinking about selling your note. Hopefully you can relate to the things I've written about today. Selling your note is a scary proposition these days, but rest assured my staff and I will make it as easy and as understandable as possible. How much longer can you afford to wait it out?

Call me at 866-762-1415. As an added bonus, you'll get to speak to me personally. (yes, that was an attempt at self-depracating humor) In any event, whether you're ready to sell or not, everyone at Proficient Note Buyers wishes you and yours a fantastic holiday season. God bless.


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