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December 08, 2008
World's Toughest Job
I read this morning that President-elect Obama is being second-guessed about a lot of things these days, and he's yet to take office. It seems the progressive Democrats are decrying his Cabinet nominations as "more of the usual": In other words, no different than his predecessor.

Obama came in on a platform of 'change'. Nobody likes how things are going right now, so 'change' is welcome, regardless of what form it takes, I guess. Problem is, IT'S JUST NOT THAT EASY. The White House (as far as I know) does not come equipped with magic potions and wands for all the ills this country faces.

Obama acknowledged this weekend that the economy is going to get worse before it gets better. Gee, I could have told everyone that. Did all his supporters really believe the page would turn as soon as he took the oath of office? He has also said he will start discussing a troop drawdown in Iraq, even though he said in his campaign that the drawdown would begin the moment he took office.

That's the problem with politicians, and why I so vehemently oppose people that make a career of politics. There are too many things even the President CAN'T change. Empty promises accompany every campaign, regardless which side of the aisle the person sits.

One of the other items on Obama's agenda is to send out another round of stimulus checks to the majority of the American populace. Hmm...wasn't that also enacted by George Bush? Maybe the President (regardless of party affiliation) really is looking out for Americans' best interests.

People are hurting. Now is not the time to raise taxes, repeal tax cuts, or stick it to the wealthy. They can afford to wait out this economic debacle...most of the rest of us can't. We need them to keep spending, to keep investing, to keep giving to charitable organizations. It is vital to keep our economy moving.

Looking back, it's kinda funny how little Obama was questioned about the substance behind his 'change' platform. Now he's getting grilled on everything from his economic policies to whether he's quit smoking or not. Welcome to the toughest job in the world, Barack. I wish you well.

Make it a great day.


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