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November 24, 2008
Are You Giving Thanks?
Doing a quick inventory here....last year at this time I had a healthy IRA, a net gain in my stock portfolio, and two cars that were paid for. Today I have...two cars that are paid for.

Yep, the market has been brutal for most of us for the better part of a year now. In fact, our economy dominates most conversations I have with friends, family, and colleagues. Fortunately, I've gotten to the point where I shrug, acknowledge there's nothing I can do about it, and focus on more positive things.

We all have a lot to be thankful for. Unless you've vacated your van down by the river in order to visit your local library and pull up this blog, chances are you have a roof over your head and (at the very least) a dial-up internet connection. That certainly counts for something.

Love 'em (or not), we all still have family and friends with which to share a meal, share a beer, or share a story. The market is still functional, albeit just barely. They're still playing college football on Saturdays, and the pros still play on Sundays. Even more to be thankful for, we get two NFL games on Thursday this weekend. OK, maybe I've gone too thankful can one be when Game One features the Lions and Game Two features the Seahawks?

I encourage everyone reading this to enjoy your long weekend and forget about all that troubles you in these troubling times. Get out and go for a hike, or even just a walk around the neighborhood with your family. I'm always amazed at the kinds of things we talk about when I take my kids on a walk. Don't overeat on Thursday, but don't starve yourself, either. Just live. LIVE. That's what we're here for.

If you came here to inquire about selling a note you hold, give us a call. Chances are we can get you cash before Christmas gets here. Despite the market, you still have options, and we can help you realize them. Regardless if you're ready to sell or not, I'm thankful you took the time to read this blog. Besides, if all we're going to do is bellyache, shouldn't it be because of all we ate on Thursday???

Make it a great day, and a great week. Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Proficient Note.


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