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November 12, 2007
3...2...1...we have lift-off
Welcome to my very first blog entry…ever. I have two things I hope to achieve through this medium. First, I want it to be informative to you, the reader. Second, I intend to make you smile, maybe even laugh a little, when you're reading it.

My inspiration for this blog comes from an unexpected source – Christmas letters. About the time I got married, I decided to do what everyone else in America does and send out a Christmas letter recapping the year. (For all you procrastinators out there, this is the letter you write sometime in mid-March and mail out with your tax return.) I tried to make it unique (i.e. readable) by avoiding the clichés and “everybody’s-doing-so-great-we-have-no-problems-in-life” drivel that make up the majority of your holiday mailbox spam.

After a few years of doing this, people started commenting that my letter was the one letter they looked forward to getting year after year. In fact, were a friend or relative to change addresses during the course of the year and get ‘lost’ (read: I deleted the e-mail that said they’d moved), I would get brow-beaten if I failed to send that year’s holiday edition to their new address. At that point, I realized maybe I was on to something.

Fourteen years after my first letter, the pressure only builds as the holiday season approaches. My Christmas mailing list only has about 100 people on it, but I would guess at least 80% of them have commented at least once how much they enjoy the letter. If I can hit that kind of satisfaction percentage with you, the readers, then I’m happy.


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